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Duct Cleaning Facts From The Pros

Duct Cleaning Facts From The Pros in Nebraska If the area around the vents is darkened with soot, it's actually past time for duct cleaning. Ducts should be cleaned every few years if you want to improve the indoor air quality in your home. Homes with pets may need the ducts cleaned more regularly.

As the air is forced through the ductwork, it will pick up all types of contaminants harbored there. What most people don't understand is that the ducts are a part of a closed HVAC system and that the air which comes out of the vents is first drawn in from the house and then forced through the machinery. There are places within the machinery that are moist and damp.

Dusting and cleaning the house does little good if your ducts are dirty. The particles and contaminants blown from these damp and dark places could contaminate your entire home. Do you find that you have to constantly dust? Is anyone in the family suffering from frequent illness?

You Wouldn't Believe What We Find In Air Ducts

As duct cleaning professionals can tell you, it is not uncommon for technicians to find things in duct systems that contaminate the air as it blows into the house. Of course, there is dirt buildup but you would be surprised what else we find.

  • Mold & mildew – Moisture causes mold and mildew growth within the air ducts and HVAC system. These tiny organisms thrive in damp, dark places.
  • Bacteria and viruses – Yes, bacteria and viruses do often thrive in a dirty duct system. This is why people have UV lights installed to kill these contaminants. There are sanitizers that can be used to kill microorganisms after duct cleaning. Ask your duct cleaning technician about sanitizing them afterward. Some of the best HEPA filters will trap these microorganisms as well.
  • Insects & rodents – Insect and rat droppings are a sure sign that your ductwork is not sealed tightly. Rats, especially, can chew through the insulation and get into the air ducts. There are even cases where dead mice or insects are found and removed during duct cleaning. In these cases, sanitizing the ductwork after cleaning is highly important.
  • Allergens & pet hair – Dander and pollen are two allergens that are removed during duct cleaning. Dander is actually dead skin cells which float around in the air throughout the house. These irritants are constantly circulated by the HVAC system. Pet hair, especially from felines, can also get into the air intake vent. Duct cleaning also involves cleaning the air intake ventilation system.

Duct Cleaning To Protect Your Family

If you have family members or visitors that have allergies, lung problems, are ill or elderly, it's important to get your ducts cleaned. Poor Indoor air quality can be a major problem for homeowners.

Many homeowners don't even know or realize their ducts are dirty. They just find they're having problems with their health and with having to dust all the time. If you or a family member has been having trouble with illness, it could be due to dirty air ducts. Regular duct cleaning will improve the air quality in your home.

Duct Cleaning To Protect Your HVAC System

The air coming out of the ductwork is first drawn into the forced-air HVAC system. Inside, it gets all over the machinery and eventually coats it with grime. This is much the same as what happens to your car engine as the radiator draws air in through the vents.

When this grime coats the surfaces, it will eventually cause mechanical failure. Changing the air filter of your HVAC system isn't enough, the intake ventilation and air handler equipment need to be cleaned as well.

Cleaning the equipment will help it to run more efficiently. An efficient machine doesn't use as much energy to operate. Your HVAC system will have fewer problems and will last longer, especially if you keep it mechanically maintained as well.

If you would like to learn more about Duct Cleaning in Nebraska, please call Mighty Duct at 308-675-2905 or complete our online request form.

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